About Us

Specialty Coffee Roasted in Brooklyn, NY, from the World’s finest coffee beans.


For us, coffee isn’t simply a beverage. It is a way of life. The perfect brew begins with the way the beans are grown, harvested and prepared. We then carefully blend the finest coffee from around the World to achieve the perfectly balanced flavors. When you enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Café Picoro, you will taste the passion that went into making it.

Our Family Heritage

 It all started when Pascual “Picoro” Dominguez opened his coffee merchant business in Santiago, Dominican Republic. It was right after the end of WWII in 1945, and rationing during the war had left people thirsty for real coffee.

Picoro built a reputation for his unique talent when it came to picking exquisite raw coffee beans. He dedicated his life to discovering exceptional coffee, making remarkable coffee available to his clientele.

Three generations of dedication...

For the Dominguez family, coffee truly became a way of life. Picoro passed the virtue of hard work and passion for coffee on to his children. The art of identifying unique flavors and aromas from all over the world, lays the foundation of the blends and single origins you can enjoy.

Today, Picoro’s grandson, Gregory Dominguez, is carrying the family tradition and commitment to excellent coffee. After Picoro passed away in 2017, Gregory named his own coffee brand CAFÉ PICORO as the ultimate tribute to his grandfather and his family legacy.

In the spirit of Pascual “Picoro” Dominguez, Café Picoro is for the real coffee enthusiasts who wants more from their daily brew. Any way you prefer your coffee — black, with milk, as a quick espresso, or as base for your favorite drink — we have a blend or a single origin for you.

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